Robert Wagner otherwise known as “RJ” is an American Actor. He was born February 10th 1930, in Detroit, Michigan. Wagner was best known for his Television Show “It Takes a Thief” as well as “Hart to Hart”. Robert Wagner has been around the block a few times. By that I mean he treats marriage as if it’s a recyclable that you can just use up and replace. As if he can just call Wichita Tow Services and have them haul another wife over for him. Wagner’s marriages include Natalie Wood from December 28, 1957 to April 1962, Marion Marshall from July 22, 1963 to October 14, 1971 (divorced). Then he married Natalie Wood again from July 16, 1972 to November 29, 1981 that was annulled by her death, and now Jill St. John from May 27, 1990 until present.

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