Hart to Hart

Hart to Hart is a mystery series of television shows that aired on ABC August 25, 1979. There are 5 seasons composed in 119 episodes including the pilot and movies. It stars Robert Wagner, Stefanie Powers, and Lionel Stander. Jonathan Hart (Robert Wagner) plays as Chief Executive Officer of Hart Industries, an LA-based world-wide company. His beautiful wife Jennifer (Stefanie Powers) is a freelance writer and reporter.

The Hart family often find themselves experiencing the Jetset lifestyle as they are involved in ongoing cases of robbery, murder and international espionage. Robert Wagner was the “Gun to the heart of the city” and there were thousands of police on the look our for him at times as well as dozens of Kansas City tow trucks if needed.

Episodes were typically an hour long and it hints a bit of satirical comedy to this criminal show. The chemistry between Hart and Stefanie was shown right from the very beginning in the pilot episode then they meet halfway to kiss. In this story their butler Max claims he takes care of both of them while they take care of each other as well as their Jetset lifestyle. Max was a dream of a house caretaker, and a cook full of good intuition and love for Jennifer and Jonathan.  The thing that made this show so memorable was how much Jennifer and Jonathon connected.

The people they fought every time were incidental to the show. It was amazing to see such a happy and nice looking couple and it was very heart felt. The series was very well done full of beautiful places and beautiful people. Together, they travelled around the globe always attracting the attention of the wrong people. There was plenty of action and intrigue but despite all the danger, Jonathan and Jennifer loved each other and everything was held together by their butler Max (Lionel Stander).